Health & Safety

Health and Safety is extremely important within our organisation, we are committed to ensuring the continual improvement of our standards of health and safety and will ensure that health and safety at work remains a core business value.

The health and safety plan covers site based activities of Drywall Interior Fitout Ltd. employees during the course of their duties on projects. The plan applies to all employees, including specialist sub-contractors if used. Sub-contractors are required to comply with the requirements of statutory law and this health & safety plan. The health & safety plan is designed to meet the requirements of the S.H.A.W.W. Act 2005 and regulations issued to date. The contracts manager and/or site manager will review risk assessments and if required method statements prior to starting work.

Safety Policy - The policy of Drywall Interior Fitout Ltd. is to provide and maintain a safe working environment for staff and others who may be affected by our operations. This policy will be maintained by review, by implementation of safe working practices, by consultation and by the commitment of management to an injury free environment.

To view the complete Heath & Safety Policy for Drywall Interior Fitout Ltd. please click attached.

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